Basic Laser Certification:

  This hands-on 1-Day Diode training is designed to initiate the new user and improve the competency of existing Diode clinicians. The class is limited to 20   

  attendees who will be provided with lasers and pig-jaws for a hands-on experience. Dentists & Hygienists are encouraged to bring their own lasers to class also.



  •   Recognize Dental clinical applications
  •   Learn Hygiene procedures & treatment parameters
  •   Determine effective laser results
  •   Become knowledgeable about how & why lasers work
  •   Recognize appropriate tissue interaction
  •   Support through science & research studies
  •   How to charge & bill insurance for laser treatments
  •   Improve your ability to talk to patients about laser procedures
  •   Adhere to Safety & Infection control standards
  •   Successfully integrate lasers in your practice


       Cost:   $635 - 8 CEU


  Customized Laser Training for Dental & Hygiene Study Clubs


        Contact us directly for more information

  Advanced Diode Training:


  This intensive 1-Day  laser training is designed to increase the procedures, confidence

  and techniques of the laser dental professional. Advanced applications are  

  taught to enable the clinician to practice Diode laser dentistry at the next level. This

  class is limited to 12 attendees to allow for a more customized and focused learning

  environment. High level procedures and Low Level Laser Therapy techniques will be



       Cost:   $800 - 8 CEU

  Advanced Erbium Training:


                                                                          This intensive 2-Day  Erbium laser training is focused

                                                                          on teaching laser procedures that are more minimally

                                                                          invasive compared to traditional dental techniques.

                                                                          This results in less need for pain medication, less

                                                                          inflammation, increased patient compliance and less

                                                                          referrals to specialists. Retain more procedures in your


                                                                          *   Dual-Wavelength Perio Surgery

                                                                          *   Endodontic Photon Initiated Photoacoustic

                                                                              Streaming (PIPs)

                                                                          *   Treating Peri-Implantitis


                                                                           Cost:   $2,500 - 16 CEU

  Standard Proficiency (ALD) Laser Certification:

  This hands-on 2-Day  laser training covers all the lasers that are used in dentistry. This course must be taught be one of ALD's 18 Recognized Course Providers,

   which Dr. Peter Pang is. It is such a comprehensive educational experience that the attendee is eligible to sit the Academy's examination process



  •   Differentiate between Diode, Nd:YAG, Erbium and CO2 lasers
  •   Understand the different Laser Classifications and Emission Modes
  •   Laser History & Physics - understanding the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  •   Refine laser applications & utilization
  •   Develop Laser Safety & Infection Protocols for your practice
  •   Marketing your laser(s) and positioning your practice
  •   Complete the Clinical Simulation Exam on the Diode Laser
  •   Prepare for the ALD on-line 75 multiple choice exam - to be taken within 90 days of

                                                                                                       course completion


       Cost:   $1,200 - 16 CEU

Dental Laser Training

Professional Laser Training for the Dental Team