"I was skeptical but now I am convinced this is valuable, good dentistry".

Dr. Clemens, WI, 2014

"I liked the proof of the science. It will expand my overall ability to take care of my patients".

Dr. Dunbar, IN, 2013

"Excellent course especially for new users of lasers".

Dr. Blumenfield, TX, 2007

"Great Course".

Dr. Sheikh, Canada, 2013

"After this course, dentists & hygienists absolutely have the confidence and skill to safely & effectively use lasers to improve patient outcome. Learning to talk to patients so they accept and understand laser therapy was very valuable as well".

Dr. Ghaboussi, WI, 2014


Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, one student at a time.
Since 2004, the Dental Laser Training instructors have been coaching dental professionals all over the US, Canada, Europe & Asia. We do this through personalized instruction, supported with peer-reviewed scientific research and working hand-in-hand with the attendees for the most efficient learning.

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Dental Laser Training

Professional Laser Training for the Dental Team